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Kelly Clarkson with the winner of her Open Mic iphone App Competition

We just got another great story from a Kelly Clarkson Open Mic iphone App Winner. Adrienne from Kentucky got to soundcheck with Kelly’s band and meet Kelly. She even sent a video! Check out her story and video below, and make sure to pick up Kelly’s iphone app right here.

Hello everyone!

My name is Adrienne Singleton andhere is the story of my amazingexperience withKelly Clarkson!:I got my iPhone back in August and just a few weeks after I got it, I heard about the Kelly Clarkson Open Mic application. I don’t ever buy apps, but this one was like the vocal part of Rock Band (which I love to play) and it was comprised entirely of Kelly Clarkson songs---how could I resist? Once I used the application, I discovered there was a contest you could win if you submitted your score. I did, of course, (why not?) never expecting to win. As the weeks went by, I kept an eye on the national scoreboard and my score consistently stayed on the top 50! More importantly, I was the high score-holder for Kentucky when the deadline for that venue came and went. The day I got the email saying that I was the winner, I was at work. I screamed in the middle of the waiting room and started crying.

The actual day of the concert was like a dream. We got to the venue early and everyone we met was so nice. First, we picked up our tickets and meet and greet passes and before we knew it we were sitting in the middle of soundcheck! The band was warming up and acting goofy and it was so nice to peek behind the scenes. Kelly’s tour manager escorted me to the stage and we did a quick run-through of the song. It’s not exactly like the album version, it was more of an acoustic one, and they wanted to make sure I had it. After the first verse, I was ready! The music began and I opened my mouth and started to sing. Now, I am used to singing in my bedroom with just my guitar and me, but all of a sudden I had keyboards and electric guitars and backup singers behind me! There was one part in the song where the music boomed and the lights behind me were synchronized to the song and I laughed because I was so amazed that it was happening.

I finally got to meet Kelly at meet and greet. She is such a sweetheart. She gave me a hug and we took a picture. We got primo seats for the concert and Kelly, as well as her opening acts, kicked butt (of course). It was such a magical day. I almost still can’t believe that it happened for me.

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