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Kelly Clarkson Open Mic Winner - Knoxville

This installment of “Open Mic Stories” comes from Jack, who won the Open Mic Contest for Knoxville, TN. Jack is from Nashville, and he’s always found Kelly to be an inspiration, so as you can guess, he was blown away when he got to sing with Kelly’s band. Jack was cool enough to send in his story and some photos from his night. Check them out below and make sure to buy Kelly Clarkson's iphone app right here.

Hello, my name is Jack from Nashville, Tennessee, and I won the OpenMic contest for the Knoxville show. Kelly Clarkson has always inspired me since I first saw her on American Idol. Her voice is like no other and her songs have gotten me through so much, especially "Sober".

Getting to do the soundcheck in Knoxville was an amazing experience. When I first arrived there, I met with Tim and got to watch the band warm up. He told me I was their first guy winner so they wanted to see what I could do. While they were warming up, Kelly came out and was running around (barefooted of course, rollers still in lol) taking pictures of everyone. She came over and said Hi and on the inside I was like "Ahhhh! It's Kelly!!"

They were then ready for me. It was very cool to meet her musical director Jason, Jill and Kate (who I love watching on YouTube), and the rest of the band. They are all so talented and down to earth. I was feeling so akward and nervous, but they made me feel very welcomed. They even changed the key for me, because lord knows I can't sing as high as Kelly, unless you like the sounds of skreeching cats. It was so surreal to be on that stage and to see Kelly watching you sing her song.

After it was over, Kelly and everyone else told me I did such a good job. Then I watched them complete the soundcheck. I was able to talk with Kelly more during the meet and greet. She is so funny and easy to talk to. The whole experience was such a high point in my life. Thank you Tim, Jason, the band, and of course Kelly for everything. It really meant the world to me.

Kelly Clarkson iphone App Winner - Knoxville

Kelly Clarkson iphone App Winner - Knoxville

Kelly Clarkson iphone App Winner - Knoxville

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