Wrapped In Red

Released: 2013



Myzt92's picture

I really love this album! Greetings from Czech republic! :)

zepedro_maio's picture

awesome!!!! Such a great album and what a voice! :))))))

Akira808's picture

I sampled the tracks on iTunes and they sound great!! My favorite song is "Underneath the Tree" which is destined to become a new Christmas standard. Kelly's vocals shine here!! Keep it up Kelly!!

Mariel's picture

Lovely voice and a great addition to the holiday collection. My favorite track is 'My Favorite Things' because it's reminiscent of the uptempo Diana Ross/Supremes version.

Chartney's picture

The variety on this album is just wonderful. I was never a real big fan of Christmas music and I bought this album not knowing what the outcome would be. I was 'swept completely off my feet' by it! I recommend to any unsure purchasers. You will not be disappointed, and a little tip: If you see a Kelly Clarkson promo standee in a store you should ask the manager and they may let you have it. I did and I actually cried tears of joy when I got mine. Kind of pathetic, but Kelly's the only one who has made me do so to date! Two times too!

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